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Tuesday, November 11

Frankie Stein Injury

Frankie Stein has suffered an accident and has some serious injuries.You are playing the role of the Doctor and must heal Frankie Stein's wounds.Have fun!

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Pizza Mania

You are running a hot pizza shop in a city at the time of festival season. Lots of customers want pizza for there festivals. You are the only one person running the shop. Serve your customer within the time duration and satisfy them to come again and again. Have a great festival celebration.

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Dora Fly Hitter

Dora Fly Hitter is a fun based skill game in which your objective is to hit as many flies as possible to precede the next level. All you have to do is to aim the flies and click to hit at them. The more the stage you process, the more flies will be. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and shift the fly's head. Good luck and enjoy yourself...

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Celebrities Pet Shop

Do you celebrities love pets? I'm sure they do just as much as you. Deliver right items to the right celebritie's pet and collect the money from them. Finish the target as fast as possible and precede the next levels. Have fun helping the girl to run the celebrities pet shop!

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